Stalwart champion of wands


Over six foot tall, muscular, but not imposing despite this. Identifies as non-binary and tends to wear gender neutral clothing, and there is a lot of armour when transformed. Dark blonde hair, grey eyes, tends to not show a lot of emotion but is just a hard to read person rather than not having any emotion.

Known for being a shield and sword fighter. Quite handy with tools and crafts (especially when transformed) and has a defence that is insane.


Aegis blossomed when they were 16 or so, and since then has worked on becoming a champion that protects others, often by standing in the way. At first they were a Champion of Hearts, but after travelling back in time to the battle of Alhambra, they found the Court of Wands, and resonated so strongly with them and their ideals, that they joined there and them, ending up resurrecting the court when they came back to the proper time.

The wands are now a very important matter to them, and they have taken up the role of ‘leader’ as much as there is a need for one, and are trying to grow the numbers of the court, although they know that that’s a lot of hard work. But then again, that is what the Wands are about.

They’ve been known to make a few mistakes and fuck ups, but generally they are a dependable person who will try and keep their fellow nobles on target and help them through difficult patches. Even if that difficult patch is all the time, because that’s just how Storms work. They are known to have very little time for mirrors though.

Keres of the Towers seems to have an unusual fixation on them, although whenever they are asked about it they will roll their eyes and not comment on the matter.

In the new world they are the representative of the Court of Wands, sitting on the minor council. They have a long time partner, Anatasia, and live with her and their two siblings, Jake and Imogen.


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